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Tampa Burial Packages

We invite you to discover what has made A Life Tribute Funeral Care the ultimate provider of creating healing experiences in the Tampa community. This section contains package and pricing information for Tampa area residents.

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Funeral Costs

If you are looking for information about how much funeral services cost in Tampa, Florida, we know that it can be quite confusing, that’s why at A Life Tribute Funeral Care, we make understanding Funeral costs simpler and that is why researched a comparison of Tampa Funeral Providers. Read More

Weekend Tributes Burial Package

This package allows for family and friends to show their love and support with a traditional visitation one night and funeral the following day on the weekend of their choice. Many families will even choose to add a Reception in our Life Tributes Reception Center.

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Traditional Tributes Weekday Burial Package

When words are inadequate, many families find comfort in ritual. Our traditional burial package provides families with an opportunity for friends and relatives to gather together in a safe and healing environment where they can reflect and remember a life well lived.

This Healing Tributes™ Package includes a weeknight visitation and a weekday funeral service followed by burial or entombment.

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Contemporary Tributes Burial Package

Most families have a strong desire to honor the life of someone they loved, yet often times the constraints of life can make it difficult. For those families, our contemporary burial package allows them the opportunity to fulfill their need and the needs of the community to honor their loved ones while still being cognizant of the time constraints that life can sometime place upon us all.

This Healing Tributes™ Package includes a weekday visitation and funeral service, both on the same day, followed by burial or entombment.

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Visitation & Transfer Home Tributes Package

Many of our residents have retired to Florida where they have made new friends and acquaintances while enjoying the many benefits our Sunshine State has to offer. However, when death occurs, “going home” to their roots is an important part of the funeral process. For those friends and family left behind, having time to say “farewell” to their friend prior to their return home is an important part of the healing process.

This Healing TributesTM Package includes a weekday visitation and transfer out of state.

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Simple Graveside Tributes Package

Today, some families find comfort in “keeping things simple.” Honoring their loved ones life is paramount but without some of the more traditional formalities.

This Healing Tributes™ Package includes a weekday graveside service only.

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Healing Tributes™ - Because a Life is Worth Remembering.

Regardless of whether you choose burial or cremation, creating a meaningful funeral experience can be very demanding of your time, energy, and focus.  To help make the funeral planning easier for you, ALifeTribute created Healing Tributes™, which are offered exclusively by us.  Healing Tributes™ is a special collection of healing memorial experiences designed to help your family reflect, remember and honor your unique life, while allowing themselves and others to begin the grief journey.

Healing Tributes™ provide you with a wide range of selections, options and prices which not only simplifies the planning process but provides you with financial savings which adds additional value. Each Healing Tributes™ is designed to provide a complete funeral experience, but with different levels of opportunity for your family and friends to gather, remember and share.

Although the vast majority of our families find great comfort in the simplicity, value and convenience of selecting one of our Healing Tributes™ package offerings, some families still prefer to design their own custom burial or cremation arrangements. We will gladly assist you in creating the perfect tribute. Click here to visit our General Price List which contains the itemized goods and services available through ALifeTribute FuneralCare.

Our funeral planning professionals are always available to assist you.  Download our entire Price Brochure.

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