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A Natural Choice: Cremation and Ceremony

We’ve heard our fair share of stories where the selection of cremation has caused people to neglect the importance of ceremony. They are left without the closure and healing that coming together at a time of loss can bring – and spend much of the time after death in regret. We certainly don’t want that for you. We’re here to help you plan a simple or elaborate remembrance ceremony – however you’d like it to be. Remember, this is the only opportunity you have to do what’s right for your loved one – and chances are, you know exactly what that means. We’ll listen, make suggestions, and help you arrive at the right decision. Call us today for a consultation: 800-853-3353.

Why a Ceremony?

The ritual of ceremony has played an important role in human life throughout history. Meaningful ceremonies do not just happen; rather they are well-thought-out events that demand your focus, your time and the guidance of a ceremonial expert.

At ALifeTribute FuneralCare, our staff of dedicated professionals is ready to assist and guide you in creating that special tribute to your loved ones life. It is important to remember that every death affects more than just the immediate family; it also affects the individual's co-workers, extended family, friends and neighbors. In many cases, those who attend a service may not even know the deceased but are there to support the family member with whom they are close.

Unfortunately, at times, a family will try to avoid the pain and grief associated with the loss of someone close by electing not to have a ceremony in remembrance of their loved one. In most cases, this is not a wise decision.

In fact, numerous families have shared with our staff the continued pain and anguish they felt each time they had to re-live the loss when they went to the grocery store, gas station, gym, or other location and ran into a friend or co-worker who wanted to express their love and condolences. By having a more structured or formal ceremony, although the pain and tears may be present, most families find it easier to move forward and experience less of the continued loss associated with numerous "informal" ceremonies.

At ALifeTribute, we have designed a variety of package offerings to meet your individual needs. These offerings provide you with many of the benefits associated with having a service while making the arrangement process simple and less expensive than making arrangements at other funeral and cremation providers. Please feel free to discuss your options with our funeral planning experts who are always here to serve you. Call us today for a consultation: 800-853-3353.

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